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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Research Shows 'Baby Boomer' Disdain For Massachusetts Nursing Homes

Dramatic Fear of Nursing Homes & Concern for Plight of Nursing Home Residents
MS Study shows disdain of Boomers for Nursing Homes

PRNewswire-USNewswire, May 20, 2017-- A new survey of 250 Massachusetts 'baby boomers' shows overwhelming anxiety about nursing homes with 90% of those surveyed fearing a move into a nursing home. 92% of respondents do not support the nursing home industry's attempts to reduce protections for nursing home residents. 88% felt nursing homes in Massachusetts did not have enough staff to provide quality care.

The survey, sponsored by the Massachusetts Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (MANHR) sheds light on attitudes towards nursing homes, among Massachusetts 'baby boomers,' as millions of Massachusetts baby boomers will retire over the next 20 years.

"Such strong negative results show that the vast majority of Massachusetts nursing homes are not living up to their promise of quality care," said Arlene Germain, president, MANHR.  The nursing home industry continues to work hard to remove regulations – we call them protections -- that ensure the care, safety and dignity of nursing home residents."

96 percent of Massachusetts 'Baby Boomers' favor comprehensive reform to improve the lives of nursing home residents with 88 percent agreeing the MA Legislature does not make the quality of care of nursing home residents a high enough priority. 97 percent believe it is important for nursing homes where abuse occurs to be shut down.

"Nursing home residents are 'the forgotten ones' as most people don't pay attention to this truly needy segment of our population," said Martin Alintuck, senior advisor at MANHR.

"When our elderly need help the most, we fail them by not reforming a system that many of them must choose because they get old and run out of money."

Other Survey Results
  • 73% do not believe nursing homes make the best interests of their residents a priority.
  • 86% do not believe there is enough media coverage of nursing home problems in Massachusetts.
  • 66% do not believe it is right the Commonwealth does not have enough resources to investigate and police the thousands of annual complaints about nursing homes.
Survey Details

MANHR/SurveyMonkey research conducted between 3/31/17 and 4/11/17.  The 250 respondents, 44% male and 56% female, live in Massachusetts and are between the ages of 52-72.

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